24 01 2012

Yesterday I was walking along the shores of  northern Chesapeake Bay.  The ground had thin white apron from a recently fallen snow.  The shoreline was creating the rhythmic sounds of small waves lapping the shore.  I strolled the shore, I enjoyed watching the seagulls as they adjusted their wings to catch the updrafts off the shore.  They seemed to glide so effortlessly as they made slight adjustments with  the wind to stay aloft. 

Bing — I am most creative when not weighted down.  Creativity flows best from a soul at rest! Anxiety and stress rob us of the best we have to offer.  If you want innovation on your team create an atmosphere of peace.



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24 01 2012
Diane Devine Foster

agree with that one……experiencing the same along the Gulf coast walking and listening and looking…..lots is received into my soul……

24 01 2012

Thank you Diane for joining me on this walk. Please share our thoughts with your freinds and family.

24 01 2012
Sara Martin

Isn’t it funny how as soon as we’re not straining our focus on the task at hand, ideas start flooding our way? Great post!

25 01 2012

Trust that your creations will bring joy and life to those who admire them. Thank you for your comment.

25 01 2012
Betty Carey

I am your number one fan! You are the best.

25 01 2012
Kristen Carey

I so much agree with you!!! Keep listening and resting in the lord!!!!

25 01 2012

Riding the wind instead of fighting it–peaceful flight. You’re so right!

25 01 2012
Laura Harris

Total truth! Excited that you are sharing the depth of your wisdom and prophetic insights on this journey with us. No more weights!

26 01 2012

Thank you! Hope to see you here often. Creativity will be a major theme and I look forward to your contributions.

25 01 2012
Jim Golden

true that! Some of the greatest inspirations I have ever had came to me as I was relaxing in the shower or tub! AMEN brother.

26 01 2012

Thank you for joining me here. Please visit often.

25 01 2012
Deanna Marquart

It seems several people are hearing the call of the Lord to return to the quiet. So hard to do in our hussle-and-bussle culture. Worse when others criticize those who do take time out from societal commitments just to get quiet with the Lord. Thanks for the word!

28 01 2012

The stream of creativity flows from the wells of the heart. Peace, beyond understanding, really does guard the heart and those wells. Timely word.

28 03 2012

I experience peace and quiet at sunrise. This is the most important and essential part of my day as I seek to serve the Lord daily.

30 03 2012

God uses the beauty of His creation and the quiet times in our lives to refresh us. We have to be disciplined, and shut out other distractions to be able to hear His voice clearly and respond in IMMEDIATE obedience to His still small voice. He reminds us “Be Still and know that I am God.” Psalm 46:10

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